Monday, November 15, 2010

The last few weeks or so I have been eating fried eggs for breakfast. Two over easy.   I make a great omelette,  and a breakfast souffle for which everyone wants the recipe and, while it’s a subjective matter, my scrambled eggs are near perfect; but it’s a fifty fifty proposition as to whether I’ll get those fried eggs flipped over intact.  Today, as I was chasing them around the pan with the spatula, I had a moment of insight about the fragility of wholeness.  It is so much easier to break something apart and make it palatable than to preserve its wholeness and find the perfection therein.  The underlying philosophy at IMA is about maintaining our wholeness, about discovering the perfection in who we are rather than about making ourselves into something perhaps more easily accepted.  That takes time, focus and perseverance, just like getting that egg over easy.

over easy

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