Sunday, May 8, 2011

It is a lovely coincidence that our abbreviated name, IMA, means “mother” in Hebrew.    A few years ago we received a call from a man who had found a cell phone belonging to a young friend and colleague.  He called us because he had seen “ima” listed in the phone’s address book and thought it was the number of the owner’s mother.  In a way, he was not so far off.

Because IMA was founded by women and has a goal of supporting women and girls, it can hardly help but take on a mothering role.  What, though, does it mean to remove mothering from the individual and weave it into an organization–a nonprofit corporation to be exact.  It’s hard to say really,  I’m not sure there are any models.  But stay tuned, IMA is giving birth to itself and she’s got midwives not obstetricians

on “ima’s” day

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