IMA is the manifestation of a dream held by many. Its programs and policies rise from the needs, concerns and visions of those it serves and who, in turn, serve it.

The Harmony Hundred is a group of individuals (our goal is to have 100 at all times) who have pledged monthly support to IMA.  To insure that the institute remains independent and community-based it must maintain a diverse income pool, of which the Harmony Hundred is an important part.  Members will have their pledge automatically transferred from their bank accounts to IMA’s on a monthly basis.  For as little as $10 a month you can be part of the effort to provide IMA with funding it can count on.  That’s a big deal to us!  Really big.

Options for joining:

  1. Donate directly through PayPal using your Bank or Credit Card
  2. Fill out the Harmony 100 Form then print and send it to IMA with a check in the amount of your monthly pledge. This check will serve as your first month’s donation and thereafter the same amount will be deducted directly from your bank account.

Send in the completed form and first month’s check to:

        Mail: PO Box 867 Goshen, MA 01032
        Phone: 413-268-3074

You are deeply appreciated!