Room to breathe:

The studio is all about space: space for sound to expand in, spaces that relate to each other, acoustics that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.  This unique characteristic makes the IMA a premier destination in New England for recording audiophile-quality tracks. The Big Barn itself features traditional 24 foot-high peaked ceiling and thick wooden walls, 64 mic inputs, and enough space to record large choirs, an orchestra, or a live performance with an audience of up to 200 people. The high ceilings, natural light, solid radiant-heated floor, and extensive lighting capability of the Big Barn also provide an ideal space for shooting video.

Added to the north side of the Big Barn is a state-of-the-art control room complex built new from the ground up from plans carefully tailored to the space by the Walters-Storyk Design Group.   Here, tradition meets technology with two separate soundproof control rooms, isolation booths, and a machine room based on Apple Macintosh computers and Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools HD systems. Thick double walls with alternating layers of plywood and drywall and specially-designed soundproof doors and windows allow musicians to lay down tracks simultaneously without any audible bleed between tracks so the engineer has total control of the sound.

Audiophile equipment

Having taken so much care with the acoustic spaces, it only makes sense to preserve the quality of the sound by capturing and preserving it with the best microphones and microphone preamplifiers.

Equipment list and tech talk coming soon!

Keeping the project moving

Across the corridor from Control A is Control B, designed specifically for doing overdubs and editing. Small but powerful, Control B and its companion isolation booth allows a musician to work on a vocal on one song while the rest of the band is recording or mixing another song in Control A.

Coming home to your music

The IMA is more than just another studio. It is a creative retreat designed to give you total independence and inspiration. Several different drum sets, all kinds of guitars and percussion instruments, dozens of guitar and bass amps, and a Kawai grand piano are there for you to use. You can choose to stay overnight in the main house, bunkhouse, or in yurts, with meals provided in the colonial-style dining room. You can get away from the studio and work out parts next to the fireplace, or take a hike on the spacious grounds. Depending on the season you can kayak on the lake,  hike or cross country ski through the woods of the DAR State Forest which is just a mile up the road . Only half an hour away is the bustling town of Northampton, with dozens of restaurants, movies, and the legendary Iron Horse Music Hall.

Added value

Digital recording is available anywhere today, but the right environment can make a difference between the same old stuff and something special.  The Big Barn at the IMA is a truly unique space for recording your next album, demo, or video project and you get the added benefit of knowing that the profit IMA receives from your project will go to support it nonprofit mission to support women and girls in music.  The space is truly magical and it’s waiting for you.