Here at IMA we not only have an amazing Recording Studio & Summer Programs but we also host Festivals, Concerts and other events.


Festivals are a great way of showcasing artists. From alumni of our camps to well known artists from around the world.

  • This year we will be hosting our second Lady and the Amp Festival which will showcase alumni from our camp sessions, students and faculty. That’s right, we do it too! For more details and how to get tickets, see our Lady and the Amp page.


IMA offers an on-going series of concerts featuring established female performers as well as showcasing students and artists who have recorded at the IMA studio.


We love being a part of and hosting many different music oriented events.

  • This year we hosted a fundraiser for our friend Tony(a) Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School. We helped her, her daughter Zoe (a camp alumni) and two other travelers to travel to and take supplies to Standing Rock. It was an amazing time with several new faces and musical talents.

Check our Events Calendar, or sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming Festivals, Concerts, Events and how to purchase tickets.


If housing is not covered in your event fee, you can reserve housing at IMA.  We have two private rooms with double beds as well as community-style housing in the bunk-house and yurts. Private rooms are $30 per night solo and $15 for additional person and the bunk and yurt spaces are $15 per night.