Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am still thinking about  the difference between a fried egg and an omelet.    It’s akin to the difference between building an organization and growing one, the latter being a more feminine approach in the same way that a monastic model is more feminine than a missionary model.   Hmmm, a rock ‘n roll monastery, now there’s a concept.  Someone did once suggest that we are training high priestesses.  I more often think of our summer programs as a sort of rock ‘n roll finishing school:    Miss Millington’s School for Kick-Ass Young Ladies .

But I digress.  Let us return to eggs.

When I make an omelet I have an idea of what I will create.  I am using the egg to make something, and in the end the egg becomes about me and my ideas and culinary prowess.  But with an egg over easy, it’s more about the egg and its essence.  You just don’t get the accolades for a perfect fried egg that you do for a fabulous omelet.   I ‘m not sure what this means exactly, but I know I’m onto something.   And that’s pretty much how I feel about IMA, I don’t fully understand its significance but I know we are onto something and all we have to do is remain alert, maintain a delicacy of touch and let it take shape.

broken and unbroken yolks

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