7/14/2017 Daily Hampshire Gazette: “Play like a girl: a new sisterhood forms at June Millington and Ann Hackler’s Rock Camp”

7/22/2014  Britt, Bruce,  Grammy Magazine:  Camp Fever
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3/7/2012  Avital Norman Nathman,  Ms. Magazine blog: Future of Feminism: Music to Our Ears
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8/18/2011 Tom Sturm, The Valley Advocate: Millington Smoreship
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11/11/2010  James Heflin, The Valley Advocate:  Art in Paradise, A Womanly Sound

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7/10/2010  Rebecca Everett, Our Hilltowns:  ‘You Have to Be Strong for Rock ‘n Roll’
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4/2/2010 Dave Madeloni,  New concert series celebrates the life-changing power of IMA
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10/19/2009 Aphex Systems Helps Girls to Rock at The Institute for the Musical Arts
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8/20/2009 Howard Sherman,  The Institute for the Musical Arts Hosts WSDG Site visit
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August 18th, 2006 |  Musicians discuss the IMA, June Millington and Ann Hackler
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10/12/2007  Simone Solondz,  Girls Rock: Institute for Musical Arts
June Millington’s Institute for Musical Arts builds the chops and self-confidence of teenage campers.        

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2/12/2004  Zoe Gemelli, Girls’ rock ’n roll camp brings out the mentors
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8/27/2004  By Eric R. Danton Hartford Courant
Learning the basics; Camps that Rock
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9/26/02 Tales of Indies Past: IMA’s move away from Sonoma County
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9/30/1999  Edited by Patrick Sullivan  for The Sonoma County Independent
For Arts’ Sake The 2nd annual Indy Awards, celebrating the spirit of the local arts community

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1/16/1997 Making The Music Industry Sing A Different Tune By Laura Post. Special to the Tribune.
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L-R counterclockwise:
Ann Hackler, June Millington, Ferron and Janelle Burdell
photo taken for  Indy Awards article 1999