In addition to cash donations, there are many ways to lend a hand to IMA:  volunteer your time and skill either inside in the office or outside on the property, provide financial support, join the Harmony 100 and become one of our monthly donors, sponsor a girl from your town to the summer programs, help to promote IMA, donate instruments or other gear (be sure they are in good working order).  IMA has been held, as it has grown, by the energy and resources of countless volunteers.   Every act of support is deeply appreciated and understood to be part of the gentle wind that keeps the dream unfolding.  


donations and volunteer opportunities

Join the Harmony Hundred, become part    of the backbone of IMA

The Harmony Hundred is a group of individuals (our goal is to have 100 at all times) who have pledged monthly support to IMA.  To insure that the institute remains independent and community-based it must maintain a diverse income pool, of which the Harmony Hundred is an important part.  Members will have their pledge automatically transferred from their bank accounts to IMA’s on a monthly basis.  For as little as $5 a month you can be part of the effort to provide IMA with funding it can count on.  That’s a big deal to us!  Really big.

To join, fill out the printable form and send it to IMA with a check in the amount of your monthly pledge. This check will serve as your first month's donation and thereafter the same amount will be deducted directly from your bank account. 

         Send in the completed form and first month’s check to

                         IMA at P.O. Box 867

                          Goshen, MA 01032 



the wish list, things:

old (reliable) truck or wagon to haul things to dump and around property

HVAC for studio


tree work


office--data entry

book keeping

grant writing




clear brush,  prune trees

winterization of drafty house

general maintenance/ carpentry on buildings, gutter cleaning and repair

put up the bat houses

cut, split, stack wood

paint house inside and out


Let everyone know you support IMA!   We’ll send you this highly functional and, dare we say, attractive messenger bag for your donation of $30 or more! 

Let everyone know you support young ladies seeking the truth and rocking the boat (our motto) by sporting the official Miss Millington’s School Seal

Donor Levels:

Sweatshirts $60 or more

Sweatpants f $40 or more

T-shirts $25 or more

Unless special

ordered, the logo

will be on the

front of the garment.

50% cotton, 50% polyester. Air jet yarn creates a smooth, low-pill surface for printing. Drawcord.

Double-needle stitching throughout. Elastic waist and cuffs.